Communicating with Families

As a first year teacher, I was looking for a way to keep my parent communication game STRONG. Something simple and easy.  

& boy did I find it!
Have you heard of Bloomz?!


Check out the website by clicking HERE!

Let me tell you a few reasons why I am LOVING Bloomz!


Communication is easy and SIMPLE.  Bloomz takes on a format that is similar to a private Facebook group.  I can post things, parents can like or comment on the posts.  Parents can get push notifications whenever I post something, and they also get an email.


The instant message feature!  I can easily message parents (or parents can message me).  This allows for a quick and easy way to ask or answer questions.  EVEN BETTER, parents can message one another!  This can help cut down on parents wanting to set up play-dates but not knowing how to contact other parents!


You all HAVE to check out this conferences/office hours tool.  All you have to do as the teacher is set up the days and times that you are available for conferences/office hours.  For example, my school sets aside the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving for PT conferences.  I just select those days and whatever times I want. (It also provides an EASY option for setting aside a lunch break!)  Once this is setup, it notifies parents and they go in and select a time for a conference.  HELLO SIMPLICITY! : )


One of the best things about Bloomz is the privacy and security.  There are two ways for parents to sign up:  You can invite them using their emails, OR you can give them a class access code.  What makes this even better, is as the admin of the class, you can set it so you have to approve all members who want to join.


What are you waiting for!?  Go on over and check out Bloomz.  I am SURE this will make your life easier... at least in terms of parent communication ; )

Do you have any tools that you think make classroom management or communication SO much easier? I'd love for you to share! 

Thanks for reading : )

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