Using Bloomz in the classroom!

Hello Friends! Who wants to learn about the newest and most convenient way to keep up with the parents of your students for next year?!?! Me! I learned about this through some internet searching and signed up quickly. I was a huge Remind (formerly remind 101) fan but I have been converted! **I may still use remind, but so far, Bloomz has everything that Remind has and more. I went ahead and made one of my parents from next year sign up so we could explore it together. She recently left the classroom but looked it over as a teacher and mom :) There are so many wonderful things about this website.

Number 1: It is an app too! Parents automatically get notifications of banner, messages, pictures, or lists that you post. I *LOVE* sending my parents pictures of what we are doing. This makes it super easy to share with just the students parents. They can sign up by email but download the app!

Number 2: It has a calendar with notifications. I already put in the first day of school and it invites the parents. This is a great reminder and they can always look it up on the app, which is fabulous. This will certainly help with remembering everything that goes on in the classroom!

Number 3: You can message one parent or a group of parents all at the same time. This is great for the whole class, one student or for example, parents of kids who have June and July birthdays. (I send them a reminder to celebrate their birthdays early in my class!)

Number 4: You can ask for volunteers AND schedule them!!!! Need something cut or laminated, done. Need a special reader for Friday, ask away! I also love this because if I am in need of something, I can ask for a few pencils or glue for an activity on Tuesday and parents can sign up to bring them. This is amazing!

Number 5: You can pin an announcement on top of the page. This I love as well because I can keep our Donor's Choose website or class website on the top for them to reference.

Number 6: You can schedule your parent conferences on there too! We have two parent conferences each year. This is so much easier than sending a million pieces of paper home!  I am SO looking forward to this feature!

Lucky Number 7: It is FREE!!! Who doesn't love a free app that is this helpful?!?!

Have I convinced you yet?!?! I am so excited to get rid of the 5 sites I used and use only one! Sign up and check it out :)