Have You Heard of Bloomz?

A few weeks before school started, I was browsing my many kindergarten related Facebook groups and I came across Bloomz. In the past, I had tried to maintain a class website (through my district website) and I even signed up for edmodo, but I couldn’t find a practical way to keep up with these tools in my classroom. It felt like more work than actually making my job easier.

Enter Bloomz. It can be downloaded as an app on both iOS and Android devices or you can find it at www.bloomz.net. Basically you create a group for your classroom and invite parents. Once the parents join your group, you can:
  • Post updates, reminders, and pictures
  • Send immediate alerts (that send out an email, notification and text message)
  • Maintain a class calendar
  • Upload important documents that you would like parents to access.
  • Sign Ups for volunteers or chaperones for field trips.
  • Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up
  • Parents can message each other.
  • Parents can send you instant messages

I have been using Bloomz for a week and there is probably so many more features that I have yet to explore.

I have added 14 of my 19 familes. Parents have sent me questions through the messager. They have signed up to chaperone our field trip. Parents have commented on my updates and posted pictures from our first day. They have created profiles with pictures of their children. Outside of our online communication, parents have made comments at our meet and greet that they love this app!

My take away is that I feel so optimistic that this app will help make communication with parents consistent and easy. I feel like I have already fostered great relationships with parents because they feel informed and they have a direct line of communication with me.

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