Bloomz: An Award Winning App for Parent Communication

Recently, a few of my teacher friends introduced me to the Bloomz app. My first reaction was "Ok, I'm going to let you try it for a few weeks and see how it goes". Well, it didn't even take me a week before I signed up.

This summer, I researched all sorts of new platforms for parent communication. I researched twitter, Facebook, Remind 101 and our school website. I ended up trying our school website, thinking it would be less controversial with parents. However, it wasn't as user friendly as I would have liked. Not many parents signed up, which kind of defeated the whole purpose.

Bloomz is platform is that is available on your desktop and your smartphone/tablet. Bloomz was the winner of The Peoples' Choice Award and Finalist for New Product or Service of the Year.

What I love most about Bloomz is the format. It is very similar to Facebook but it is completely PRIVATE. Parents must have a code or personal e-mail notification to view your class page. Parents receive notifications from the smartphone app or they can receive email notifications.

From a teacher perspective, the smartphone is very easy to use. I can easily post photos of a class project or a quick reminder to parents.

My Favorite Features