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Bloomz is the only app that provides all the tools your Preschool or Childcare center needs to connect with parents, including exclusive access to content from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Join Bloomz 

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With Bloomz, you can provide parents with high quality content from the American Academy of Pediatrics, for free, with no effort on your part. Give parents the information they need to help their kids grow happy and healthy, with a suite of tools and content that keep them informed and engaged!

Your center will receive an emblem to announce their official membership to the Bloomz Network, a growing group of Preschools and Childcare providers who care about parental communication and engagement.

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This is how Bloomz works

  • Connect.

    Quick Daily Updates:Share updates about the day’s activities, reminders, etc.

    Photo & Video Sharing:Send special moments to the whole group or to specific parents.

  • Coordinate.

    Calendar & Reminders:Manage your center’s calendar and events from one place.

    Parent Meetings and Volunteer Signups:Easy planning and participation makes signups a breeze.

  • Communicate.

    Daily Sheets/Reports:Keep record of all activities like naps, potty, meals and more.

    2-Way Messaging:Instantly reach one or more parents through in-app messaging.

    Private & Secure:Share with confidence, knowing everything on Bloomz is protected by strict security measures.


The Bloomz app is FREE for your center, staff and parents. So, go ahead and jump start your community building efforts.

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